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Why choose my Laser Sights? Better Quality costs more.

It is unlikely that you will find a better built laser sight on the WWW with the power output or quality of construction and function like these at any price level, some of the higher priced units ($500+) cannot outperform these.. That is why I began building laser sights in the beginning.

Some of the laser sights I have purchased over the years (from well-known established companies) were complete junk (in my opinion) when the first unit (built by me, for myself) was finally finished and installed on my firearm, it was a definite WOW moment. This High Performance product is now available to others, built with the same skills and quality requirements that I demand of products as if they were intended for my personal use..
As an experienced purchaser of products directly from China or from sellers based in USA that purchase their items in large quantities then resale for marginal Profits (overall profit based on Large Volume of sales) I have received an inferior product this way many times.

A defective product situation requires the purchaser to send the product back, at his expense, then either a refund or exchange is made.. Who needs that hassle?

A re-seller may or may not test or evaluate the product they are selling, of course there are some who do take the time to monitor Quality, Certainly not at the same level achieved during the assembly of my products
It is best to get the correct level of quality that is balanced by overall time invested to get the goods you wanted (shopping, shipping etc..,) & product cost.. This is the definition of Real Value
There are proprietary modifications and techniques I use to increase the durability and reliability of all my products. The bodies & other components necessary to build my devices are purchased direct from the factory (yes in China). I shop very carefully to find the best value for my components. This same Value is then passed to my customers.

After receiving they are first checked for flaws, after passing my quality inspections they are, assembled, hardened, fitted, then tested.

It is not possible to build a “perfect” anything, if any of my units fail from normal usage, I want to see it and determine how an improvement can be made.. This is not a guarantee or warranty (I have always considered those to be an invitation for product abuse).

However I do not like it either when my toys break.. So if any do break, send it back to me, I will repair or replace it at my discretion.. I WILL perform an autopsy, burnt electronics due to incorrect battery polarity or excessive “on time” are not considered normal use, I built them so of course I can repair them.. This can be done for a minimal fee, some parts may wear out during normal usage, replacements for those can be purchased from me at the prices I pay for them (no profit) continuous running a laser sight or flashlight until the battery is depleted is not normal usage.