$10.00 (USD) per unit

Threading alignment tool (TAT), otherwise referred to as a die starter
The purpose of a tat tool is to squarely guide A threading die onto the barrel of the gun, eliminating the chance of cocked or misaligned thread cutting..

So you can accurately and professionally thread your gun Barrel with confidence and privacy.. for.. attachment of muzzle brakes, flash hiders or other barrel mounted accessories requiring this pitch thread. These TATs are 39.02 mm long..The threaded portion is the correct length to provide a stable foundation for a thread cutting die.. the muzzle “insert” side is 22.08mm long and is 7.5mm in diameter They are made of aluminum, then anodized to protect the dimensional specifications until such time you are fully prepared to make it happen..

Aluminum is cost effective, easy to machine, & will not destroy the rifling of the muzzle, as brass or steel likely would.

These TATs are proudly made in the USA on precision Bavarian CnC equipment.. we ship quickly, have excellent customer service and have the best Quality for the price..on the market. Please send us a message if you have any questions before, during or after your transaction!