Omega BaLoo laser
$375.00 (USD) per unit

Laser sight “Kit” includes, laser sight, pressure switch, mount ring, wrench for mount ring in compartmental box

Also includes Rechargeable Lithium 18650 battery, with plug in compact charger

Dimensions (LxD+ D): 6.1in.x 1.45in. x 1inch ring mounting area  (15.5cm x 4cm+2.5cm mounting area)

Weight added to firearm: (sight with battery, mount ring, pressure switch) 8.5oz (240grams)

The battery is not shipped with a full charge, there is a natural charge of course, for best results, put it on the charger for an hour or two, when the battery is fully charged, the light on the charger will change to green
please use the safety glasses included to protect your eyes for these situations. they are cheapy but effective, Ebay or Amazon has some better quality safety glasses..
We will add some high quality safety glasses to this sight in the future

Lasers at this power level require a bit more caution when aimed at targets closer than 120 feet light colored or reflective surfaces can pose a risk to eyes at even greater distances.

A Black Balloon in the ship box for a bit of laser fun, inflate it then pop it.. cool!

Omega MAXIMUM Baloo high power class lV 600-750mw
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