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With 3 mode (High Medium Low), Bright White LED Emitter (bulb), long lasting rechargeable 18650 Lithium Battery with compact Charger, & a Ballistic Nylon Scabbard!! I would have to say yes.. this is the Ultimate flashlight!
I do not know how to measure lumen output, The general consensus on the internet for this Bright white LED emmitter (CREE XM-L T6) output is 1000-1300 lumens..

No it is not the most powerful flashlight available to mankind! it is a very well balanced output to battery capacity, bright and long lasting between charges of the battery ( I use mine nightly & recharge it maybe every 21-30days)

Some have 5modes High, Medium, Low, Strobe and SOS.. The SOS feature is kinda cool.. sure.. but one could wear out the button cycling round and around until the right mode is found.. 3 modes is best for a “darkness buster”
weighs Only 4.6oz with battery & 5.2 inches long it won’t add much weight to your belt or protrude out of your carpenter pants leg pocket.

Construction is of 6160 series machined aircraft Aluminum with High Gloss Black hard anodized finish, O’ring sealed to keep out dust and moisture.. Overall Quality improved with durability/relaibility mods added by me.
I receive the flashlight & open it up to apply conductive grease to the LED driver and reflector module, then re-assemble with high strength thread lock..so it stays together even under rough conditions.. hurricanes, floods, tornados, ya know when ya need it most!! it will be at the ready, Lithium batteries have a long shelf life, hold the charge better than Nimh, NiCad or alkaline

To complete the improvements I also apply some conductive grease ( finely powdered copper added to some top quality bearing grease) to the threaded parts of the flashlight body to prevent aluminum on aluminum Galling (thread damage) and to enhance the overall functioning of the light.. (Have you ever owned a flashlight that required frequent pounding to get it to light? Most likely it was due to a lack of conductivity through the body to the lamp assembly.. Problem solved

Bright enough to light up the yard on High and excellent on low for looking for lost items, keys, or critters, spiders etc..

My personal favorite flashlight