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Economically priced package, durable construction, weather resistant O’ring (sealed), overall weight is less than other more expensive lights producing this level of lumens.. Durability modifications include conductive grease, and thread lock in lamp assembly, & anti-Gall conductive lubrication applied to body threading.. Long lasting rechargeable lithium battery with recharger of course
501B Flashlight with XM-L T6 501B 1000 Lumen LED for high brightness and long life

3 modes Hi, Lo, & High Strobe
using a different light module than either the “Ultimate Weapon light” Or “Ultimate Flashlight”

Specifications: combined weight is 6.6oz (188grams)
Length: 5.2in (132mm) lamp Bell is crenulated 1.25in diameter (30mm)
High Gloss Black Hard anodize coating for corrosion protection and good appearance
Mount ring: 1in (25mm) Fits Standard pica tinny rail with Allen wrench for install..
Highly polished smooth reflector for maximum glare effect Push button includes lanyard for more secure usage as handheld light
Extra batteries are available